Embrace the New Year - Oracle for the Week of 1 - 7 January 2024

Embrace the New Year - Oracle for the Week of 1 - 7 January 2024

As so often happens, the last weeks of 2023 ran away from us.  Between Thanksgiving here in the US, the Yule season (and markets!), and ringing in the new year, we stepped back from our weekly oracles and many other things in order to take a breath and rest when we could.  But, it's 2024 now and one of our goals is to grow big this year and we can't do that by, well, not doing anything!  With that said, we are back to our Weekly Oracle draws, and for this entire year, we'll be using Justine Serebrin's Sacred Sea Oracle: Dive into the Depths of Your Cosmic Soul.

This deck is absolutely stunning and is a perfect guide for us as we navigate the 52 weeks of 2024.  Even more perfect (we think), was the card we drew for the very first week: 

6. Sacred Burial Temple - Embrace transition

From the guidebook - the sacred meaning of this card:  Infinite lifetimes; infinite loves; connections through the veil; transitions; honouring life; understanding life; choosing closure; celebrating ancestors

This temple is buried in the deepest part of the sea, accessible through meditations and vision work.  As we enter the deep winter months here in the northern hemisphere, this is the perfect time for us to let go our past life and self.  Embrace the transition of life to a figurative death - the death of your previous self, and the transition to your new life moving ahead.  You may wish to call on your ancestors to walk with you in the temple, to hold you as you make this transition, and to see you safely back to the land above wave when your journey from death to rebirth begins.

Meditate on, and in, this temple this week as we move forward into this new year, and reflect on your goals.  What version of yourself do you want to bring into the new year, and tend to and grow as this year goes on? 

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