Oracle for the Week of 1 October 2023 - the Stingray

Oracle for the Week of 1 October 2023 - the Stingray

The stingray has varied meanings in different cultures around the world, from happiness and health, to love and protection, but in the more generalised sense, this card may be considered a symbol of protection, adaptation, and even stealth!  The Salt and Sea Energy Oracle ties in to that neatly and the card asks us to be mindful of our surroundings this week.  So what might that look like for you?

Take time to assess where you are - physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Be aware of your surroundings out and about in public and in the world, and to the best of your ability, read the room before speaking or making assumptions.

Mentally, are you in the right space and place for your mental health and happiness?  Happiness doesn't have to look like cheerfulness, but for your own mental well being, check your surroundings.  Are they serving you well?  Do they lift you up?

And finally, spiritually.  Do you need to get back to nature, to your local sacred spot by the water, be it a creek, stream, river, pond, lake, or the sea side?  We're entering the dark time of the year, and Samhain is approaching.  Now is a beautiful time to take in the natural world around us, draw in those elemental energies, and surround ourselves with the environment and tools we need for our spiritual well being.

Meditate on this card today, and carry the message of the Stingray with you this week.

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