Oracle for the Week of 15 October 2023 - High Tide

Oracle for the Week of 15 October 2023 - High Tide

This week's card is High Tide - Energy is rising, emotions are escalating, and how fitting that this card is drawn as the moon transitions from dark, to new, and this week it will wax to it's quarter before full.

Take stock of the energy around you, and the emotions coming forth as we enter this new moon phase - not just the emotions of the people around you, but of yours as well.  We can ride these emotions and move with the flow of the tide, or we can fight them, an get pulled under the rising waters.

Give grace this week - to yourself, and others.  Flow with emotions, and allow them to be.  Sit with them and let them run their course - good and bad - rather than fighting them.  If someone around you is struggling, allow them to feel their feelings too.  Let them ride their own waves of emotion, and support them if they start to slip under.

This is a week to work on our emotional intelligence, to feel what we're feeling but in a non-reactive way.  It's impossible to fight the tides - they come and go regardless of what we think of them, or want them to do.  When you feel waves of big emotion rising in you, remember this.  Think before you react, but don't suppress or fight your feelings.

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