An image of a mangrove forest, followed by text that says, "Mangroves.  Get grounded.  Extend your roots and gain stability."

Oracle for the Week of 23 October 2023 - Mangroves

This week's card follows a theme that we heard a lot of people saying they needed more of in their lives over the weekend, and it certainly resonates here at The Sea Wych Salem as well - Get Grounded!

Mangrove forests are sadly an important but disappearing natural barrier that act as filtration and flood prevention along the coasts in which they grow.  They also serve as nurseries for many species of marine and aquatic animals.

These beautiful liminal spaces are fascinating and ethereal to swim through (and snorkel in), the trees roots forming underwater forests in their own rights.  Despite the marshy lands these forests grow in, the trees are firmly rooted, and specially adapted to the salinity in these brackish waters, and so they are able to both prop themselves up in this environment, and breathe despite the low oxygen count in the waters and silt itself.

The mangrove's ability to not only survive but thrive in this environment is a reminder to us that no matter how unstable our footing may seem, we can extend our roots and grow too.  Wherever we are in our present, and especially in a world that feels increasingly unstable, it's important that we ground ourselves daily, and extend our own roots to gain stability.  Take what your environment has given you and find ways to adapt your growth.

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