Oracle for the Week of 25 September 2023 - Seashell

Oracle for the Week of 25 September 2023 - Seashell

From the Salt and Sea Energy Oracle by Rachel Robino, our card this week is the Seashell.  NOTE:  We do not have the guidebook for this deck.  It is an intuitive deck that The Sea Wych has spent some time learning, and so the readings from this deck may not reflect the guidebook that can be downloaded with deck purchase.

The seashell as a general form has been viewed in many cultures around the world as a symbol of home, of protection, and of the serenity those attributes bring.  It can also, however, indicate a guardedness, and being closed off from community or those around you.

This card asks us to consider what we may be trying to protect ourselves from, and how we can benefit from letting down that guard.  Perhaps it's time to explore a little more outside of shells?

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