Oracle of the Week: 1 March – 7 April 2024 – Consume Consciously

Oracle of the Week: 1 March – 7 April 2024 – Consume Consciously

What a beautiful card to guide us into the first week of April. The Algae Medicine Mother is guiding us back to the sea for nourishment – and truly, there is nothing about the world’s oceans that doesn’t provide nourishment, be it for the mind, body, or soul. The Algae Medicine Mother is especially interested in ensuring that you take the time to sit with her energy and determine what it is you need. After all, she has a sea vegetable for that! What does that mean? Well…

  1. Algae Medicine Mother – Consume Consciously


From the guidebook - the sacred meaning of this card:  Sacred nourishment; radiance; sustainability; cleansing; consuming for spirit; connection; conscious consuming

The ocean is home to all manner of healthy things – sea salt for both food and skin, kelp for a good, full body seaweed wrap; Irish sea moss for skin care; and the huge variety of “seaweeds” that we can cook with and eat. These are packed with nutrients and surprisingly delicious when prepared well and with love.

The Algae Medicine Mother is asking us to consume these superfoods, these sea greens, either literally or figuratively. If you don’t have access to these superfoods, or tinctures or medicines, try to envision yourself wrapped like a sleeping otter in a kelp forest, or envision that you are a creature of the sea with long, flowing seagrass hair. Connect with the ocean’s plants in a way that best suits you, and open your mind to the Algae Medicine Mother’s message to you.

It may be that she’s asking you to better nourish your body, or perhaps she wants you to step back and see where you can be a wiser and more sustainable consumer, to help her protect her ocean bounty. Be open to her as you connect with these plants through meditation, chanting, or by sitting at the shore and holding sea greens that have washed up with the tide.

Take care of yourself, take care of our oceans, and spend time this week with the Algae Medicine Mother to reconnect, nourish, and let her energy be your guide.

For those of you just joining us on this journey, we are using Justine Serebrin's Sacred Sea Oracle: Dive into the Depths of Your Cosmic Soul.

This deck is absolutely stunning and is a perfect guide for us as we navigate 2024. 

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