Oracle of the Week: 25 - 31 March 2024 – Authentic Communication

Oracle of the Week: 25 - 31 March 2024 – Authentic Communication

It looks like we’re going to end the month of March with another visit from another Sea Goddess, so hopefully you’ve all been paying attention and feeling a little bit special to have so many goddesses so eager to impart their messages to you! This week, we’re visited by the Sea Goddess of Courage, so let’s dive right in and see what she’s asking of us. Oh, and to answer your question – yes. I promise, I shuffle the deck well each time!

  1. – Sea Goddess of Courage – Authentic Communication

 From the guidebook - the sacred meaning of this card:  Be bold; become your extraordinary self; follow your inner voice; you cannot go wrong when speaking from your soul; you are divinely supported in your decisions; cultivate more courage; practise being authentic

The Sea Goddess of Courage is calling you to action. She’s insisting that you remember who you are – who your authentic, deep, and true self is – and then showing that person to the world. She knows that in order for many of us to do this, we need to tune ourselves to the frequencies of courage, especially if we live somewhere where conformity is key. She’s telling us that she will hold and guide us and give us the courage to face the world authentically, truly, as ourselves.

To do this, think about the times when you’ve taken that risk, that leap, and done that thing that you wanted to do, but were told (or told yourself) that it was an exercise in futility and failure. Think back to those moments and successes and breathe them in… then breathe out and begin to reshape your own world to suit who you truly are.

Being ourselves really does take courage, and I am speaking from experience. I spent many years hiding my spiritual side from the world, and even from myself. I’ve spent more time recently being content to be a faceless entity, a mystery, but that’s not me either. If you find yourself hiding who you are from those you love, and especially from yourself, this is your call to come out of the shadows and show us your truest, most beautiful self. Like any good change, it may be something that requires time and conscientious devotion, but you can do it. You’re being given the courage of the oceans, so take that first step and remember this important thing:

If you live in a place where change is a five-letter word, and where those who get out and succeed away from the clan (so to speak) are looked down upon, you, my friend, live in a crab bucket. Crabs in a bucket will always pull their fellow captives who are on the verge of breaking free back into the bucket – it’s their nature to do so. Humans aren’t much different. When one person breaks free, breaks the mould, moves on to bigger and better things, finds their authentic voice and self, others will do their best to knock them back down. Don’t let them. You can do this – we have faith in you and you have the courage within!

For those of you just joining us on this journey, we are using Justine Serebrin's Sacred Sea Oracle: Dive into the Depths of Your Cosmic Soul.

This deck is absolutely stunning and is a perfect guide for us as we navigate 2024. 

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