Oracle of the Week: 29 Jan - 4 Feb 2024 - Activate More Bliss

Oracle of the Week: 29 Jan - 4 Feb 2024 - Activate More Bliss

We've moved into a waning moon phase and we're closing the first month of 2024.  For many of us, last week's full moon was what we needed to really let go of the last of 2023's energy and finally push on into this new year.  And, for many more of us, last week's full moon energy may have felt both chaotic (in letting go) and a relief.  As we wrap up the first month of the new year, and move away from the first full moon, it's time for us to lift our moods and embrace the power of play in our lives.  What more fitting guide for this week could we possibly ask for?

32.  Dolphin Spirit - Activate More Bliss

From the guidebook - the sacred meanings of this card:  Bliss, joy, fun; playfulness; silliness; authentic embodiment; activate your childlike essence; integrate fun into all you do

The Dolphin Spirit reminds us to not only approach what we do with gratitude and joy, but to integrate playfulness and fun into our daily lives.  We may take ourselves far more seriously than we should, and the dolphin is here to remind us this week that we needn't do so.  Even work and our daily tasks can be imbued with a sense of fun. 

We're also being asked to take a step back and look at the world around us as though we're children, seeing it all for the first time - thus activating our "childlike essence."  What magic in the world around us do we miss when we see it all, or rather, we don't really see it all, with our older, jaded vision?  What sense of wonder awaits us with the dolphin as our guide?

For those of you just joining us on this journey, we are using Justine Serebrin's Sacred Sea Oracle: Dive into the Depths of Your Cosmic Soul.

This deck is absolutely stunning and is a perfect guide for us as we navigate 2024. 

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