Oracle of the Week of 8 - 14 January 2024:

Oracle of the Week of 8 - 14 January 2024:

Welcome to Week 2 of 2024!  For many of us, this time of the year, when everything is fresh and new and feeling "reset," is really a time of transition.  And what better card to usher us in to the second week of the new year than the one we pulled today?

15.  Priestess of Transition - Honour Individuality

From the guidebook - the sacred meaning of this card:  Transitions are upon you; endings and new beginnings; cultivate courage, bravery, and spunk to take fresh, bold actions; release rigidity and routines to create new ones; take tiny action steps; celebrate your transition; honour what has made you who you are and what you will create yourself to be in this next phase of your life.

Call upon The Priestess of Transition this week as you're continuing to break from the things that did not serve you in 2023, and trying to cultivate new modes and ways of being that will serve you moving forward. 

She is a particularly beautiful guide and guardian if you're still stuck due to past traumas, and you're having a hard time moving on or seeing what positive changes and transitions may be waiting as we move into this next yearly cycle.  Let her speak to you through the waters to help reunite you with yourself; to help you heal where you can, and perhaps accept that, while things may not ever be the way they were, you have it in you to move on and create a new way of being, and to learn new aspects of yourself that have been hidden within you until now.

For those of you just joining us on this journey, we are using Justine Serebrin's Sacred Sea Oracle: Dive into the Depths of Your Cosmic Soul.

This deck is absolutely stunning and is a perfect guide for us as we navigate 2024. 

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