Collection: Sea Shell Bowls

Each bowl is handcrafted using locally and ethically sourced surf clam shells left behind on our Salem, MA area beaches.  They're painted and, where noted in the description, edged with gold leaf flakes, then sealed.  These bowls are perfect for holding all of the little baubles on your altar - sea glass, small shells, stones, herbs, crystals, etc. (I use mine for sea glass and delicate shells), but they also make lovely trinket holders or display pieces. 

Bowls come in small (3.5 to just under 5 inches at the widest point), medium (5 to just under 6 inches at the widest point), large (6 - to just under 7 inches at the widest point), extra large (7 inches an above), and mini (2 - 3 inches at the widest point).  Stock will vary in size based on our luck combing our shores, so not all sizes may be available at any given time.

Our handcrafted shell bowls are intended for display or trinkets, and are not intended to be used to serve food, nor are they firesafe containers for burning herbs, incense, or for use as ashtrays.  Although they have been sealed with a UV resistant spray and crystal clear, they should not be submerged or soaked/filled with water otherwise, the colours will eventually bleed out.  Store out of direct and continuous sunlight to preserve the colour, and clean periodically with a damp cloth.