What are your policies on closed practices and ethical sourcing?  Glad you asked!  Please see our Ethics and Closed Practises page.

Do you have a physical location?  Not at this time.  We hope to have a physical storefront here in Salem, MA within the next year.  Follow us on social media to be the first to know when that happens!

Do you offer free shipping?  Free shipping is available for orders over US $30.00!

Do you ship internationally?  Yes!  Please see our Shipping Policies page to see if we ship to your country.  Please note that all VAT and duties are the responsibility of the buyer and are not calculated upon checkout.  

How long does it take to ship a made-to-order item?  Usually, we will be able to make and ship your item within 5 - 7 business days of your order; however, we will contact you if it's expected to take longer due to the number of orders we have to fulfill.

What is the Pickup Option? The Sea Wych Salem Speak Easy pickup option is available for local area residents and visitors to Salem, MA.  Orders are generally ready for pickup within 24 - 48 hours of the order being placed.  Once ready, you'll receive an email letting you know when you can meet the Wych in Derby Square, Salem, at the Old Town Hall.  If the date and time you're given doesn't work for you, or if you prefer an alternate pickup in downtown Salem, please email us directly (contact@theseawych.com) to arrange an alternate date and time or place.  Please note that we will not arrange pickup outside of downtown Salem or Pickering Wharf.  Be sure to have your order confirmation email with you so we can verify that it really is you receiving your order.  We're sorry - if you forget it, we can reschedule, but we will not turn over the order without it.

Can I use your handmade seashell altar bowls as candle holders or incense burners?  No.  Each shell comes with a care and use card.  Using these bowls to burn incense in will destroy the bowl, and we cannot guarantee the fire safety of these items.

If you are a sole human, why do you so often say "we" in your writing and descriptions?  Although it's true that I am but one wych and that this shoppe and endeavour is my baby and dream, this would never have come to fruition without the unwavering support of my life-partner and husband.  It also wouldn't have been possible without the incredible support and encouragement I've received from so many friends and local Salem business owners.  So although I am me, one small person, The Sea Wych Salem is really the product of a close and caring community and the relationships I've forged here.  Everyone who has supported me along this journey is part of this business, whether they realise it or not.