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The Sea Wych

Arctic Moon Snail Shell - 2 per Order

Arctic Moon Snail Shell - 2 per Order

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Arctic moon snails have incredible geometry in their sacred spirals, and although the spiritual meaning associated with these shells varies across cultures, the sacred spiral adds magic and transcendence to any altar.  

Each order contains 2, intact shells, and may have some smaller or fragmented moon snail shells included as well.

These shells have been sourced from area beaches around Salem, Massachusetts.  They have been cleaned in salt water to remove sand and natural debris.  No animals are harmed in gathering, and all shells have been gathered in accordance with local regulations.

Please Note:  These are natural remnants and are not farmed.  They may show signs of weathering or predation by shore birds.  There is no more perfect addition to your altar or ritual practise than having an all-natural gift from the sea.

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