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The Sea Wych

Clarity and Growth Spell Kit

Clarity and Growth Spell Kit

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Please Note:  Your kit may look slightly different from the kit depicted due to natural variations in shells, driftwood, sea glass, and abalone pieces. 

Who among us hasn't felt the urge for more clarity in our lives, especially to help us grow and move on to the next, and better, version of ourselves?  If you feel like your vision is clouded, or your growth is stunted, then this kit has what you need to help you open your eyes, and grow.  This kit contains:

  • Seashell – Lettered Olive (1)
  • Driftwood (1)
  • Chime Candle – White - healing (1)
  • Sodalite – raw or tumbled (for clarity, and calming and balancing the mind) (1)
  • Ethically Sourced Abalone Chips (3) - Symbolic of the transformative and cleansing power of the waters (3)
  • Sea Glass (2)
  • Charms (3)
  • Herbs – Figwort (to attract peace and calm), Bladderwrack (success)
  • Sea Wych Blend Purification and Protection Salt
  • Hawthorn Berries (perseverance in your commitment to growth, perseverance)
  • Muslin bag
  • Instruction insert
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