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Deep Sea Magick Witch Bottle - Amplify Your Energy!

Deep Sea Magick Witch Bottle - Amplify Your Energy!

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We've added new bottles to our Deep Sea Magick witch bottle selection. These bottles have been made channeling the energy of the deep to amplify and add strength to whatever it is you need to out some power behind. Whether you want to boost your magick or you really just need to amplify confident energies, or some form of strength, these are perfect to aid you along the way.

These bottles are crafted with beach sand, our own purification salt blend, and black salt to absorb negative energy so you can focus on amplifying whatever it is you need. They also contain appropriate herbs, a lava stone and blue quartz, loads of shells, extra abalone chips, and a pearl.

Sealed with an octopus and featuring an octopus charm, put this bottle in an area where you can draw down that deep ocean energy, and draw it in.

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