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The Sea Wych

Frozen Seas - Purification Witch Bottle

Frozen Seas - Purification Witch Bottle

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Polar ice and our frozen seas are evocative of purity - vast expanses of frozen seas, ice, and pure white snow all call to mind a cleansing and even scouring energy. It was with this in mind that our latest witch bottle was created.

Handcrafted during the waning and new moon phases, and at local ebb tide times, these bottles are made with a bed of fine grain sea salt, jasmine flowers, eucalyptus leaf, frosted white sea glass, abalone chips, pearl, and a white sea shell.

They're finished with a white wax seal, and a Selenite wand that you can keep tied to your bottle, or use to carry the purifying energy from room to room in your home. These bottles have a powerful cleansing energy, so put it where you most need it, and allow the power of our frozen seas to work its magick.

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