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The Sea Wych

Mermaid Magick Witch Bottle - Limited Edition

Mermaid Magick Witch Bottle - Limited Edition

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The latest in our line of hand crafted witch bottles, these Mermaid Magick witch bottles are extremely limited edition.  Uniquely designed to enhance your dreamwork, your otherworldly magick, and your work with the fae, the bottles are crafted with beach sand, our own purification salt blend, herbs to enhance your psychic energies, loads of shells, clear quartz, bamboo coral, abalone chips, and a pearl.  They're finished with a hagstone - a stone with naturally occurring holes in it, said to be a window and portal to the otherworld of the merfolk and fae.  It's due to the rarity of the hagstone that makes these limited edition.  Once these are gone, we won't stock more until (or unless) we manage to find more hagstones!

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