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The Sea Wych

Mini Altar with Crackle (Fairy) Quartz Pendulum

Mini Altar with Crackle (Fairy) Quartz Pendulum

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This altar is 5.5 inches (~14cm) tall and has been designed to channel the energy of the sea. Each altar is crafted with pink Himalayan salt and a fine layer of beach sand over that, and includes shells, sea glass sourced from local Salem beaches, a small piece of driftwood, moss and flowers (to invoke the power of the coasts), and a clear quartz crystal to charge your pendulum. 

This altar features a Crackle (Fairy) Quartz pendulum with a mermaid charm. Fairy Quartz is a dyed clear quartz that has been super-heated to provide the crackle effect. It carries all of the metaphysical prowess of clear quartz, with an added colour magick boost.

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