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The Sea Wych

Open Ocean Turtle Magick Witch Bottle

Open Ocean Turtle Magick Witch Bottle

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Our newest addition to our line of ocean magick witch bottles, the Open Ocean Turtle Magick bottles were crafted specifically to channel the vast energies of the open ocean and currents traversed by sea turtles the world over, and the energies of the turtles themselves. To us, these two energies are inextricably intertwined. Sea Turtles live very, very long lives and symbolise both longevity and wisdom in sea magick - and they spend a lot of their time in open waters as they make their journeys to their mating grounds each year. Each of these bottles contains herbs and flowers for longevity and wisdom, an amethyst point (the amethyst is considered to be a stone of long lasting life), as well as the colours of the open ocean where sea turtles roam, and the sandy coasts where they return each year to spawn the next generation.

These bottles ask you to take up vast amounts of space, leave your mark, and seek wisdom - and they are imbued with the magick to help you attain all of that, and so much more. 

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