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The Sea Wych

Spring / Beltane Spell Jar

Spring / Beltane Spell Jar

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Spring is here and we've handcrafted spell jar just for you, to help empower your magick this season! Use this jar to help you manifest your intentions, and grow in the ways you want to. Each jar contains our own spring / Beltane blend of herbs and flowers, layered on top of a base of Himalayan pink salt and beach sand. Each jar also contains a rose quartz stone, small shells symbolic of the new life that flourishes in our seasonal spring seas, abalone chips, and a piece of handmade paper for you to write your intentions on. The jar comes with a pink chime candle, an instruction insert, and is topped with a seashell.,

To use your spell jar:

 Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and light the candle.

  • Clear your mind as best you can – turn off all electronic devices or silence all notifications if you intend to use sound bath music or nature sounds, such as ocean waves (recommended if you have a hard time centering).
  • Focus and meditate on your intention for as long as you need.
  • Using the enclosed paper, write down your intention – it can be a word, or a sentence or two, but ensure that your intention is clear in your mind.
  • Next, you may either slip the paper into the jar, or burn the paper in a firesafe container, and put the ashes into the jar.
  • Replace the lid and drip wax from your candle to seal the jar (it doesn’t need to be completely covered with wax to be considered sealed), or simply replace the lid and let the candle burn itself out. If you choose to let the candle burn itself out, continue meditating on your intention using the flame as your focal point.

Once your ritual has ended, place the jar in an appropriate and safe place in your home – your altar if you have one, or somewhere that corresponds with your intention.

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