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The Sea Wych

Spring / Beltane Spell Kit

Spring / Beltane Spell Kit

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Spring is here and we've handcrafted spell kits just for you, to help empower your magick this season! Use this kit to help you manifest your intentions, and grow in the ways you want to. Each kit was assembled and blessed during the waxing moon and a flow tide to harness the lunar and ocean energies of growth. This kit contains:

  • Seashell – Moon Snail - symbolic of transformation and growth (1)
  • Driftwood (1)
  • Chime Candle – Pink (spring energy) (1)
  • Rose Quartz (spring energy and joy) (1)
  • Ethically Sourced Abalone Chips (3) - Symbolic of the transformative and cleansing power of the waters (3)
  • Sea Glass (2)
  • Charms (3)
  • Our own Beltane / Spring blend of flowers
  • Himalayan Pink Salt - Fresh air and cleansing
  • Birch Bark (fostering connection with the earth)
  • Hawthorne Berries (symbolic of spring and summer energies)
  • Muslin bag
  • Instruction insert
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