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The Sea Wych Salem is the only Salem, MA based space (online or off) dedicated to sea and water witchcraft, with a healthy mix of earth and air elementals, and lunar magic mixed in.

The Sea Wych believes in supporting local artisans, small business, and ethical sourcing. Here, you'll find a variety of hand-crafted (by the Sea Wych) ritual tools and decor using locally harvested and gathered offerings from the North Atlantic Ocean, as well as items crafted by small makers and artisans from around the United States and Canada.

Our goal is to build a community for elemental witches, artists, and practitioners of the ways of water by offering a one-stop-shop and community for books, oracle, tarot, stones, ritual tools, gifts from the seas, and everything else you might need (or want) to build, grow, and enhance your personal practise.

Check back frequently as we're adding new products to the shop almost every day!

Sea Wych Salem Pickup Option

If you are local to the area, or visiting Salem and want to pick up your order, select the Pick Up option at checkout, and click The Sea Wych Salem Speakeasy Pickup. You can email us directly with your preferred date and time, and we will work as best we can to accomodate you. All pickups will be arranged to take place in a public location in downtown Salem (usually at Old Town Hall), and we'll even send you a password for extra speak easy flare! And the best part? It's free!

NOTE: Orders are generally ready for pickup within 24-hours of checkout, but we ask that you anticipate a 2 - 4 day window depending on the order, so be sure to time your order for your visit accordingly.