Ethics and Closed Practises

It is vitally important to us here at The Sea Wych that we respect and honour native and indigenous cultures around the world, and that we do not support companies or businesses who capitalize on child labour, war, social unrest or upheaval, or who otherwise profit from environmentally destructive practices.


The Sea Wych is based in the United States and is acutely aware of the issues surrounding the appropriation of closed practices in modern witchcraft.  At the same time, we strive to provide tools and resources for sea and water witches from all cultures.  If we offer tools and resources from indigenous or aboriginal practices, we have sourced those materials directly from wholesale indigenous sellers.  We will not buy or sell items from other cultural practices that do not directly support those native practitioners.

ETHICAL SOURCING:  The Sea Wych only purchases from wholesalers who have clearly stated that they source from, or create using environmentally sound, fair trade, and/or organic practices and materials.

Crystals and Stones – At this time, we have not developed a relationship with any mining or trade company that can trace their stones back to the mine of origin, from cradle-to-grave.  We will not support, or buy from, any company who cannot be as transparent as possible regarding their mine of origin (we will not purchase from mines in any nation that employs blood, slave, or child labour; or any mining company that does not operate an environmentally friendly operation).  As such, the stone we do incorporate into the items we craft have been sourced locally in Salem, Massachusetts from retail outlets that we trust to sell ethically sourced stones.  Until such time as we can find and develop a relationship with a mine or trading company that we trust, we cannot offer loose crystals or tumbled stones.

Seashells – We forage on local beaches for the majority of the shells that are incorporated into our tools and craft.  We abide by all local regulations regarding the removal of shells, stones, and other finds; and we do not take shells that are occupied by a living animal.  We will not purchase or sell shells received in bulk as the majority of these shells are farmed – the resident animals are killed specifically for their shell in this industry. 

Abalone Shells – Abalone shells are used in some cultures as smudge dishes; however, we have not, at this time, found a reliable source for ethically gathered abalone shells from a native seller.  Because abalone are frequently farmed as well, and they are an important tool in closed practices, until we can find an indigenous seller, we cannot offer abalone shells for your practice.  We do offer some ritual tools with abalone inlay chips, and those are sourced from a native seller in New Zealand.

Sage and Palo Santo – We do offer bundles that include these items, and these items have been sourced from native sellers.